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4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Cables Tidy in the Office

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Providing a well-designed, comfortable office to your employees is a great way to increase productivity. An attractive office space also goes a long way in impressing clients. One easy way to clean up your office space is by making sure that cables (internet, laptop chargers, phone wires, extension cords) are not visible. It is, however, understandable that it is not always possible to completely hide cables. If this is the case, you should do your best to keep the cables tidy and out of the way.

Avoid tripping hazards

A common accident associated with loose cables is tripping. To avoid making your office a tripping hazard, it is important to secure all cable under carpeting, or to walls. You want to take preventative measures to protect yourself, as well as others, from accidents caused by unsecured cables. You could even end up getting sued if someone were to get seriously injured.

Avoid damaging equipment

Unsecured cables can get pulled on accidentally, which can cause the equipment they are attached to, to fall on the floor. This can result in data loss (in the case of a laptop falling to the floor), or damage to the equipment. To avoid costly repairs, it is best to keep cables tidy and out of the way of people passing by.

Look and feel of the office

Nothing can make an office look untidier then a bunch of extension cords dragged across the floor. Untidy office space not only reduces the morale of your employees, but can also turn off potential clients. It is important to plan out your office space keeping cable usage in mind. Make sure each cubicle or office has its own power outlets, as well as internet and phone access points. This will reduce the amount of visible cable you need to lay out. Encourage employees to keep their laptops chargers and phone chargers organized and tidy.

Easier to deal with

Cables that are wrapped up neatly, or properly marked, are easier to deal with as compared to the knotted messed commonly found in more offices. Make it easier to charge equipment, or connect to a power source by keeping cables neat, and clearly marked. It is easy to mark the function for each cable by using some tape. This way only the relevant cables need to be taken out when needed. There are many wrapping techniques that can be used to help keep the amount of space used to a minimum.

Keeping cables tidy in an office is one of the easiest ways to make it looks more professional. It is best to keep this in mind during the designing phase, but it’s also possible to tidy up cable usage afterwards. Ask your electrician to provide you with the options available (such as cable covers) to help tidy up your workspace.

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