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The Cost of Workplace Injuries and How To Reduce Them

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Injuries to employees can be devastating for businesses, especially small businesses, with fewer employees available to take on new roles when an injured worker. While workers compensation insurance will help pay medical costs and replace and injured employees lost income. Your business will have to absorb costs associated with reduced productivity, overtime, training and replacements. Therefore, workplace injuries and illnesses can be costly for employers. Some of those costs are more clear, but less obvious costs can add up, too.

The best way to decrease the hidden costs of workplace injuries is to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Following the steps below and consider creating a formal, comprehensive workplace safety program to help reduce the injuries at your workplace. Here are some tips on what your business can do to improve workplace safety today.

  • Engage management and employees
    A business is most successful in improving workplace safety when leadership and employees work together. The responsibility for workplace safety should be part of everyone’s job, and specific employees and managers should haven specific responsibility and tasks. Such as being tasked with implanting, maintaining and improving workplace safety program components.

  • Analyse your workplace and operations
    Evaluate your business and workplace from top to bottom. Review and look over your equipment as well as the activities going on in your workplace. As part of your evaluation, communicate with your employees to learn their safety concerns. Whenever you add new operations, equipment’s, activities or facilities to your workplace, analyse and evaluate these for risks as well.

  • Alleviate hazards
    It is not only vital to identify and be aware of hazards and risky activities, practices, equipment and infrastructure. When hazards are identified, you should remove or make sure you control them by replacing or fixing equipment. As well as adding new safety measures or changing the operations at the workplace.

  • Implementing training
    You should include workplace safety training as part of employees onboarding journey and also offer a memory refresh of the training on a regular basis to prevent hazards. Additionally, to prevent injury, you may want to include first-aid training so that your employees can respond effectively if an accident would occur.

  • Evaluate, respond, act and improve.
    Promoting workplace safety is a continuous process and should be continuously done through evaluation. As a business, you should review and improve your safety program, especially in response to accidents or if one almost happened. Employees need to be encouraged to report hazards and evaluate safety steps.

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