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What are Electrical Cable Covers?


Electrical cable covers are the ideal solution for reducing trip hazards in the home, office and any other environment where cables may be in the way of the working environment. These floor cable covers are generally available in two kinds to suit the floor surface. There are cable covers for carpet and cable covers for hard floor surfaces such as concrete, timber and stone.

Usually these cable holders for carpet are made of a hard wearing fabric for walking over whilst the underneath consists of the hook part of a hook & loop system. The hook then adheres to the carpet without causing damage and can be used over and over again. Depending on the preference they can be purchased in either a bright yellow to bring attention to the area or for a more discreet look, a darker colour such as grey can blend in with the carpet.

The cable covers for carpet by the company TripSafe offer two length options. These are 1.8 metres and 10 metres and they are available in both yellow and grey. If these lengths don’t appear to be suitable then they can easily be cut to size using good quality, sharp scissors. The edges can be resewn if that is your preference, alternatively they can be super glued or even left without fraying too easily. Fraying would only potentially occur if the cable cover is being repeatedly used in different locations.

Carpet compatibility needs to be considered when purchasing as electrical cable covers for carpet only work when the carpet is loop pile and fairly short. Fortunately this is the most common carpet particularly in work environments. The cable covers are also suited to carpet tiles with the carpet types mentioned above.

If your carpet is open pile i.e. not a closed loop then you may find an electrical cable cover for hard floors to be suitable.

These hard floor cable covers are often made from a fairly rigid yet flexible PVC and work by inserting the cables down the length of the cover on the underside through a slit positioned along the middle of the cover.

The hard floor covers work in the same way as carpet covers in that they protect the cable from foot traffic yet prevent injuries from tripping over cables. They are usually also available in both grey and yellow for the same reasons mentioned above. Cutting these to size can be done but is trickier than cutting through the carpet covers. A sharp stanley knife in this case would be a more suitable option than scissors.

Once set up, the hard floor cable cover simply sits on the floor without any adhesive or other kind a attachment. This makes it easily suitable for use over and over again in different locations. There are ridges on the bottom of the cover which assist with preventing the cover from moving when in use.

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Whether you are looking at reducing the risk of tripping from loose cables in the office or want to organise untidy electrical cords in your home study, TripSafeTM provide an effective and yet affordable cable management solution.

Using the TripSafe safety cable holders, you can easily secure loose and untidy cables to carpeted floors. Thanks to their low profile, TripSafe will minimise trip hazards and keep your home or office tidy.