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10 Tricks to Keep Your Home Tidy



If there are multiple people living in your house who are inclined to leave a mess everywhere, labelling some storage tubs for their items to be placed in when tidying up will keep your house looking neat even whilst waiting for them to put away their mess from the tubs.


Allocate a laundry basket for each household members clean clothes when they come off the line.  Clothes will  then be immediately sorted thereby skipping this stage and the clothes can be stored neatly in each of the bedrooms keeping the living areas free from clothes.  Alternatively try getting into the habit of using coat hangers to dry clothes on and then transferring them straight into the wardrobe.


More and more cables seem to be entering our homes every day for all kinds of devices.  This can result in cables running from far reaching power points which can not only look unsightly but can cause a trip hazard which can be extremely problematic particularly for the elderly or disabled.  Tripsafe Cable Covers provide both a Cable Cover for carpet and a Cable Cover for hard floors.  Both of these can be reused over and over and are designed for normal household and office use.

Tripsafe Cable Cover


When doing a big bedroom or household clean up don't pull everything out at once.  This can make the task at hand seem mountainous and can be tiring to complete.  Start by tidying small sections at a time.


Most children have a stack of toys and they only seem interested in the latest one.  Setting up a toy library using large storage containers is a great way to manage the toys and keep a bedroom tidy.  The containers can be kept in other storage areas and rotated every couple of months.  The children will love rediscovering their older toys again and once they have grown too old for them the toys will already be prepared to be sold in bulk on a marketplace such as eBay or Gumtree.


Pots and pans take up a lot of room at the kitchen sink.  Clean these ones as soon as you can to allow more area for other smaller items.  You will get through the washing up and drying much quicker without these obstacles.  By committing to this it will keep the sink area a lot tidier.


Don't let it all pile up.  Regularly sort through storage cupboards to ensure you aren't stock piling unwanted items. You may have numerous storage areas in your home.  Select one cupboard every few months to sort through.  This will reduce the amount of items being removed from the house at a time and make it easier for you to think of ways to rid of these items responsibly to minimise land fill.  


Set up a communal street pile for items that may be useful to your neighbours.  Be sure not to create a dumping ground though to avoid rubbish and junk from piling up.


Keep cleaning items close to where they are needed.  This will greatly increase the chances of you completing the task.  For example, if your vacuum cleaner is located on a different level of the house you are less likely to grab it for a quick tidy up.  Bathroom cleaning products should be stored in the bathroom so you can do a quick wipe down during your daily routine.


Never leave a room empty handed.  When moving around the house always take items with you that belong where you are going.  Repeat this for the return journey.  This is that need to be put away in the same direction as you're heading and drop them off along the way.  Do your best to train other household members to do the same.

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