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How to keep your desk tidy and organised


Have you ever had difficulty starting on a task that you really don't want to do? You find yourself looking for any distraction to occupy you to avoid beginning the task? Here lies the perfect opportunity to declutter your workspace and get yourself all set up to start on that elusive job.

Here are some great ways to spend all that procrastination time wisely

  1. Just because it's a desk doesn't mean you have to keep all your stationery on top of it. So you have a collection of pens, plenty of post-it notes, a stapler, hole punch and they all match. It's evident that last time you had to start on a task you procrastinated. You shopped online for matching desk accessories. They look great, but now there's so much clutter to distract you. Now you can easily spend 20 minutes rearranging your desk to position everything, so it looks like it's in a photoshoot. Store the seldom used accessories in a nearby drawer but within easy reach. The reduction in desktop items will help to minimise distraction. It also serves to clear your mind from clutter to improve focus.
  2. Okay, so you've tidied the desk but you're still not ready to start on the task. What next? How can you go about ensuring the desk stays tidy? Onto the organising stage. Find a place for everything and when finished with it, put it back exactly where it was. If you dumped all the desk items into a drawer without giving it any thought, now's the time to start organising the drawer. You can start by removing anything that hasn't been used in quite some time. If you have double-ups of anything, consider giving some away or at least storing them in longer-term storage - perhaps right at the back of a cupboard or up high, out of the way.
  3. Now that the space around you is looking good take a look below at the cables running across the ground. It seems like they could do with a bit of work. To add that final touch of organisation, invest in some cable covers. The Tripsafe Cable Covers for Carpet will fit right over the top of the cable and affix to the carpet using a velcro style hook & loop system. This cover will also eliminate cables as a trip hazard and will not damage the carpet. The cable covers are reusable so can be used anywhere in the house, and there is also a Tripsafe Cable Cover for Hard Floors for uncarpeted areas. Like the cover for carpet, these covers can also be easily removed and do not cause any harm to the surface, nor do they leave any residue. Made from PVC and with its unique design, it simply sits on the hard surface without being affixed.

So the key to a great desk area is to simplify, remove and eliminate. Reducing all distractions will surely make a difference to productivity and will most certainly assist with getting started on the tasks that we are trying our best to avoid.

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