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5 Things That Make Your Home Messy And How To Hide Them

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Have you ever washed and scrubbed your entire house, and somehow it still looks messy? It seems like stuff is laying around everywhere even if you just put things away.

Some things make a home look cluttery, and we have the solution on how to fix them. These tips are quick and easy fixes that will make your house look cleaner and more spacious instantly.

Are you a storer and keep multiple boxes in the hallway and the bathrooms? We understand, but we also advise you to scale down on the boxes and label the ones you need. Use this storing method for things you rarely use or for towels and clothes.


Are you a storer and keep multiple boxes in the hallway and the bathrooms? We understand, but we also advise you to scale down on the boxes and label the ones you need. Use this storing method for things you rarely use or for towels and clothes.

Overloaded shoe rack

It's not a very welcoming gesture for your guests to trip over shoes as they enter the hallway. Shoes lying around create dirt and an overall messy impression, and it is a good idea to invest in a shoe rack if you haven't already got one. There are even vertical ones these days that allows your shoes to be tucked away against a wall, a very convenient solution for the space-saving person.

Open shelving

It is nice to have jars and tins on the kitchen bench for a homey feeling and easy access to the breakfast cereal. Although, this can cause a risk for the kitchen appearing messy. With dust and grease, the items you keep on the open shelves can be challenging to clean.

Try closed cabinets for a clean, organised look to your kitchen. These are convenient for avoiding dust and dirt to get to your kitchen supplies, and bright colours might even make space look bigger.

Cords and cables

It is a well-known fact that cords create, not only a tripping hazard but makes your space look cluttered and unorganised. We might, in most cases, need the cables to remain where they are to allow electronic devices to function. Nevertheless, there are ways to cover your cables to reduce the risk of falling and injuring yourself and have the space looking clean.

At TripSafe, we recommend these two covers:

Tripsafe Cable Cover For Carpet

This cover is quick and easy to use, leaves no traces of glue and allows usage multiple times. It can be cut to the desired length and comes in different colours.

The PVC Tripsafe Cable Cover

If you are looking to cover a non-carpet area, the PVC Tripsafe Cable Cover is your most suitable option. This cover is made out of PVC, a hard plastic, and fits up to five cables. This cover is removable and allows usage multiple times.


Carpet floors give the house a cosy feeling to it, but once the first stain is in place, the feeling might not be the same. Because of a carpet's short lifespan, the better idea would be to invest in a smaller one. This will enable easy washing and an overall clean look to your space.

Let us know if you have any tricks that you use to make the house look clean and tidy.

The TripSafe Team

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