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Must Have Accessories for a Safe and Tidy Office Space

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Keeping your office space organised and tidy can have enormous effects on both your well-being as well as productivity. Your space limitations do not have to be an issue, as there are smart solutions to keeping your office both tidy and safe.

Not only is your office a place where you work, but it is also where you should feel the most inspired and motivated. If you keep your office space organised, it can help you feel in control, focused and productive.

Since we often spend the majority of our time at work, the office can sometimes be a risk for accidents and injuries. The more time you spend at work, the more you are likely to succumb a job-related injury or emergency.

We have outlined five must-have accessories for a safe and tidy office space below.

Books and File Holders

Does your desk tend to overflow with paperwork and files every once in a while? Organising these can do wonders to your office, if not only make it look nice. Using file holders will keep your papers and documents in place and makes them easier to find when required. Use bookends to keep your books and folders in the right place.

Post-its and Label

At times, the mess is in your head rather than on your desk. Invest in a noticeboard and use post-its to organise your tasks and schedule. Labels are great not to lose track of documents and important files and removes the stress of finding last-minute paperwork.

Adjustable chair and desk

Whether seated or standing, your workspace should encourage a good posture and prevent work-related injuries. One great idea is to invest in a high-quality adjustable chair that suits your position — the more adaptable the chair, the better.

Ergonomically speaking, office workers should sit with their arms parallel to the floor and head in line with the torso.

Cable Covers

One of the leading causes of workplace injuries is clutter and messy surfaces that create a risk for trips and falls. With cables, cords and other objects lying around, employees are at risk of tripping over these. Often the consequences of these accidents are mild, but there have been cases of severe injuries from office falls.

Managing cables and organising wires at the workplace is something to put high up on the priority list. Cables create a risk of tripping, falling and injuring oneself, and most of all give the work environment an unprofessional and messy feel to it.

So with saying this, we recommend investing in cable covers that work well on hard floors as well as carpets. Have a look at our product range here.


Boxes and containers

Organise all your stationeries and pens to keep your space structured. Even if a majority of your writing is done digitally, keeping your accessories in place can instantly reduce the feeling of a messy office.

Do you have any other tips or accessories that help you to keep your office nice and tidy? Give us a message.

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