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5 tips for stylish cable safety

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Repainting the walls and buying new pillow covers will not make the bundle of cables go away. For most people, especially kids and elders, these cords create a risk of injuries. Covering wires laying around and creating a tripping hazard will assure safety in your home or workplace.

Cable safety is also essential for a patient with mobility difficulties, where the facility and surroundings have a significant impact on the patient and staff outcomes. Patient safety will highly increase if the design of the facility is thoroughly planned. To create a safe environment in advance will highly reduce the risk of injuries.

We are all about making your home and workplace safe and stylish. At Tripsafe, we offer several solutions to cover the cables in your home or facility with the click of a button, or if you are a DIY type of person, we offer some creative solutions as well.

1. Tripsafe Cable Cover For Carpet

Reduce trip hazards by securing your cables to the carpet with the Tripsafe Cable cover. This cover is quick and easy to use, leaves no traces of glue and allows usage multiple times. It can be cut to the desired length and comes in different colours.

TRIPSAFE™ cable cover for carpet


2. The PVC Tripsafe Cable Cover

If you are looking to cover a non-carpet area, the PVC Tripsafe Cable Cover is your most suitable option. This cover is made out of PVC, a hard plastic, and fits up to five cables. This cover is removable and allows usage multiple times.

TRIPSAFE™ PVC cable cover for hard floors


3. Binder clips and cord clips

Use clips to attach your cables behind a table, a desk or against the wall. This method will instantly reduce the risk of tripping since the wires will be out of sight. Using this method might require some rearrangement in the home or facility but saves money and removes the risk for tripping hazards.

4. Cable tray

Attach a cable tray to a wall or under a shelf that serves as a cable station. Effective when cords are laying around and creates a risk for tripping since a cable tray gets the wires away from the floor.

An alternative way to bundle the cables together is the Tripsafe Cable Wrap that serves as an inexpensive and easy cable management solution. The cable wrap is a safe, reusable solution that allows installation by hand.

TRIPSAFE™ cable wrap


5. Paintable wall covers

An affordable and innovative solution to cables laying around in the house or workplace is a wall cover or floor raceway. Thus a quite a permanent solution, this is probably the most stylish one.

Covers and raceways are easily purchased at your local store and usually do not require screws or nails to be attached, but has an adhesive strip on the back to stick them to the floor or the wall. Easily paint the cover in the colour that suits the facility best and makes the cover blend in for a more fashionable result.

View more of our products and tips on cable coverings for safety and style on our website https://tripsafe.com.au/

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Whether you are looking at reducing the risk of tripping from loose cables in the office or want to organise untidy electrical cords in your home study, TripSafeTM provide an effective and yet affordable cable management solution.

Using the TripSafe safety cable holders, you can easily secure loose and untidy cables to carpeted floors. Thanks to their low profile, TripSafe will minimise trip hazards and keep your home or office tidy.