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5 Ways to Protect Your Cables From Pets and Babies

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Being constantly surrounded by electrical devices at home and work, we need to be aware of the hazards the cables bring, as well as keep our surrounding environment tidy and clean. With small children and pets sharing our home, chewing up, tugging at or wrapping around their necks is a common scenario of the cables. The need for a proper cable management system to protect our babies and pets as well as the great amount of enquiries in that manner is what inspired us to establish TripSafe. With TripSafe you can finally get rid of the hazards and your worries - your cat won't be able to chew the cables, your guests will not fall over when visiting you and your baby will remain safe when playing in your house.

So, how to keep pets and children away from vulnerable electrical cords? We present you a few simple ways to keep them from destroying the cables.

Work out where the electrical hazards in your home are

Every wire at pet level is a potential hazard. They can easily find and reach cords that are higher off the ground or hidden away from them. Items to look out for especially include cords in places where you can’t reach but your pet can – for example, if the gap between an appliance like a fridge and wall is wide enough for a cat to slip into, you need to take precautions to protect these electrical wires and outlets from your kitty. Also pay attention to the most vulnerable parts of the cables and try to protect them - these are parts where wire joins the plug or appliance. Try to keep the gaps between the cord protection and termination point as small as possible.

Unplug unnecessary appliances

Keep your home or office safe and neat looking with putting away the electrical appliances you rarely use. There is no point leaving them out gathering dust, taking up space and causing hazards while they could be tucked away from pets and children, un-chewed and dust-free.

Take action if you catch your pet in the act

Using noise or rapid action is one of the things you can do when you catch your pet going near the wires. Clapping hands, yelling “NO” or squirting the pet with water are only a few examples you can do to make your pet understand what it is allowed and not allowed to do. A smart move would be placing a motion-detector toy near the place you don’t want your pet to go, so it goes off every time your pet enters the restricted area.

Get your hard floor covered!

With the TripSafe PVC Cable Cover for hard floors, you can reduce the trip hazard which is often associated with loose cords and cables, and keep your children and pets off the electrical cords. Having a sleek design, the cover is made to be sure even the clumsiest people will not trip! It is suitable for either carpeted or non-carpeted hard floors. With the PVC TripSafe, you can optimize your cables with 1.8 meters of cover and cut the rest with scissors or a knife. Inside the cover, there is space for up to five wires of cables!

The TripSafe PVC cover comes in two colors - yellow and grey and is 1.8 meters long and only 8cm wide - ideal for a safe working environment.

Get your carpet covered!

Cables running around your home can not only be kicked easily and present a tripping hazard, but can also look - let's be honest - terribly disorganized. With the TripSafe Cable Cover for Carpet, you can optimize your carpet cables with a cover that goes over the top of them and protects them from your dog, cat or baby. Simply, the carpet cable cover is the perfect solution for any household room as well as offices. Available in yellow, the TripSafe carpet cover can be easily seen, or grey for a more subtle look. TripSafe Carpet Cover is 11cm wide and comes in two different lengths – 1.8m or 10m. They can be easily cut without fraying to suit different needs.

No matter which colour or size you prefer, the cable cover provides complete protection from tripping or injury to your young family and pets, and keeps your cables safe from chewing.

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Whether you are looking at reducing the risk of tripping from loose cables in the office or want to organise untidy electrical cords in your home study, TripSafeTM provide an effective and yet affordable cable management solution.

Using the TripSafe safety cable holders, you can easily secure loose and untidy cables to carpeted floors. Thanks to their low profile, TripSafe will minimise trip hazards and keep your home or office tidy.