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7 Tricks To Effectively Hide and Organise Cables

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There are not many things less charming than wires and cords covering your living room walls and floors. They seem to increase day by day in the bundle beneath the TV screen.

At TripSafe, we are passionate about finding tips and tricks to make the cords disappear, without them actually going away. Below are our favourite ways of hiding cables and making your home or office look clean and professional.

1. Hide your power strip

Your power strip might be the reason for the jungle of cords in your house. Get the power strip off the ground, and you'll immediately get the wires out of sight as well, or at least the plugs. Often power strips have holes on the back that allows these to be hung up on the wall and out of sight.

2. Bundle cords together

Most cables and wires in the house are going to have to stay there, even if we want it or not. They are the source of life of our electronics, and in some cases, there are a lot of cables to deal with.

One trick that won't make the cables go away, but makes the mess seem less messy, is to bundle all of them together. It doesn't have to be more complicated than a cord wrap to tidy up the cable situation.

3. Create a docking station

Another way to organise all of the cables is to create a station where all the wires go. This arrangement might require some refurbishing, but it will make cords seem like a smaller problem.

Using this method also allows you to label the cables and create some structure in your living room.

4. Cable covers

This trick of ours will do more then safety-proof your home; it will style-proof it as well. The quick and easy way to remove the cable issue is to invest in cable covers that instantly covers up to five cables.

These covers come in different colours and can be placed anywhere in your house, both on the carpet and hard floors.

Reduce trip hazards by securing your cables to the carpet with the Tripsafe Cable cover. This cover is quick and easy to use, leaves no traces of glue and allows usage multiple times. It can be cut to the desired length and comes in different colours.

TRIPSAFE™ cable cover for carpet


If you are looking to cover a non-carpet area, the PVC Tripsafe Cable Cover is your most suitable option. This cover is made out of PVC, a hard plastic, and fits up to five cables. This cover is removable and allows usage multiple times.

TRIPSAFE™ PVC cable cover for hard floors


Have a further look here for more information and to view our products.

6. Accessory organiser bag

Ashley from the Gold Hive shared a trick we found very creative at TripSafe. With the use of an accessory organiser bag, an item mostly used by people wanting to organise large and small things together.

By screwing the bag underneath the table, the cables can be organised in the bag and out of sight.

Read more about this on the Gold Hive.

5. Hide the cords behind the wall

The best way to make your cables completely invisible is to hide them behind drywall. You do this by drilling or cutting two holes in the wall, one behind your electronic device, and one next to the outlet. Hereafter you can either leave the device on the floor or desk or hang it on the wall to make the floor space look tidy and organised.

7. Cut the cord

The last and final tip is to cut the cord entirely. There are plenty of devices today that are wireless and only require batteries to function. So if you're able to remove wired items for as far as you can you have quickly decreased the wire issue by half.

If you have a special trick for covering cables at home that wasn't mentioned here, please share your secret with us by sending an email through here.

Read more on TripSafe on how to declutter and organise your cables at home, and also to view our products.

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