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Baby Proofing Your Home On A Budget

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Parents often dream of the day they bring their newborn baby home. They might short after realise that keeping a baby away from the dangers lurking around the house is close to a nightmare.

Do not worry, baby-proofing the house does not have to cost you a fortune. It doesn't have to be especially complicated either, and it only requires a little bit of creativity and effort.

Here are our top tips for making sure your tiny person is safe and sound around the house.

Tennis Ball Paddings

Sharp corners are easy to come across with furniture around and can become a danger when the baby begins exploring the house. The quick solution to this is using tennis balls. Cut a slit in one and slide it onto the sharp corner, and the living room table is not a risk zone anymore.

If you don't like the look of tennis balls on the dining table, one smart idea is to paint them to have them blend in.

Duct-Tape Outlets

Keep your toddler from investigating electrical outlets by covering them with duct-tape — the quick and easy way for a safer environment for a baby. Get creative and find a way to make it align with the interior of your house.

Baby Gates

You have probably seen the child safety gates available to protect your baby from falling down the stairs. Unfortunately, these might be a bit over budget, and you might be better of creating one yourself out of fabric.

With the help of tension rods, the piece of fabric can be stretched in front of the stairs to prevent falling.

Cable Safety

Some babies prefer chewing cables over sweets and have the parents continually keeping an eye out for the next incident. With cables being a necessity for electronic devices, we recommend investing in cable covers for best safety.

The covers come in different materials and colors, and will not clear out your wallet entirely. Have a look at our selection here.

TRIPSAFE™ Cable Cover for Carpet


Paper Roll Elastics

How do we toddler-proof the toilet paper? The answer is hair elastics. One around the toilet paper roll will remove the need to get it back in place once your baby has unrolled it.

Knee Pads and Glue Socks

There are always ways to reuse outworn clothes. Mismatched socks can act as knee pads for your toddler when crawling around the floor. A pair of scissors is all you need!

With the help of a glue gun, you can make socks skid resistant by adding dots of glue to the sole.

Implementing these simple adjustments can help you baby-proof the home on a budget and will leave you less worried when your toddler is exploring your house.

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