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Cables & Kids: How to Make it Work

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Whether we like it or not, electricity plays a huge role in our lives today. It should definitely not be feared but it certainly needs to be respected and treated properly to avoid any problems. The tricky part here is to teach all that to your child who thinks the power outlets look like little hungry faces, just waiting to be fed a meal of coins, keys and anything else your baby can squeeze inside and the cables look like tasty gummy worms waiting to be chewed on.

It is important to teach children from young age how to be safe around electricity to protect both themselves and the electrical appliances from potential hazards. Teaching your child from young age is necessary but that simply isn’t enough. Safety of our children is the number one priority and therefore precautions have to be taken when it comes to electrical cords and babies.

Covering the power outlets

Next time you are watching your favourite drama and the TV screen goes black just before Jose breaks up with Maria, you might want to consider rearranging your room and moving the furniture in front of the power outlets. It is the easiest way you can stop your baby from pulling the cords out in the future and making it more difficult, if not impossible for your little one to touch the power socket at all. You will be happy enjoying your show and your child will remain at a safe distance from the electricity outlet.

Hiding the cables

To hide all those cables lying on the floor, you should consider getting a Tripsafe cable cover. It helps to secure the cables on the carpet or hard floor as well as hide the cables from your child and eliminate the risk of someone clumsy falling onto the cables. The grey cable cover is perfect for reducing the contrast with surroundings, making you baby forget about the very interesting cords on the floor. Out of sight out of mind as they say!

For those messy cable nests behind the TV and table that constantly caught your baby’s eye, Tripsafe has special cable wraps available which will keep your little one safe from the cables as well as the other way around. Even if your child decides to chew on the cables, the cable wrap will provide extra protection for both to your baby and the cords as well as making your home look more neat and organised.

Baby-proofing power strips

Power strips are commonly used in television or computer area and are a great solution for the “Too many plugs, not enough outlets” problem that the majority of households has.

The bad thing about power strips is that they usually lay on the ground, which makes them easily accessible for lurking babies. The outlets present a shock hazard to your little one and they easily unplug anything that is plugged into the extension block.

For covering the power strips, there are a few products available in the market. You can consider putting many Tripsafe cable wraps together to create a big wrap that covers the power strip or you can buy a special baby-proof power strip cover to keep the little hands away from the extension block.

None of the electrical appliances were designed with your baby’s safety in mind, but whichever option you choose, making sure your little one is safe from the electrical wires is the most important thing.

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