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DIY Desk Cable Tidy Solutions

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Keeping your workspace organised has never been easy. You may often think that you don’t have the time to tidy your desk, but if you realise how much stress the disorganisation causes you and how much it costs you, you would reconsider. One thing is organising your tabletop from papers and pens, but a much more difficult task is taming the cables and wires that have gone a bit wild. This is especially difficult when there are many devices placed in close proximity of each other.

When you finally decide it is time to do something about the rat nest of cables, consider some simple and affordable solutions we have picked out for you to get it under control. A neat and orderly workspace clears the way for higher productivity and less wasted time!

Tripsafe Velcro Flexible Cable Wrap

This simple but clever product is exactly what you need to tidy up your messy cables behind or on top of your desk. The standard hook and loop nylon cable wrap can be easily wrapped around the cables and it closes onto itself for secure hold. Anyone can use these mesh wraps as no tools are required for installation – they can be securely applied by hand and without strain. The Tripsafe fabric cable wraps are reusable, economical, easy to handle and made to last – guaranteed to give you your money's worth in performance and durability.

Homemade Charging Station

The desk is often messy even if it is clean. That is because of all the wires and chargers that can get tangled and look disorganised. From smartphones to iPods, we all have a handful of gadgets that need to be charged almost every day. So why not build your own cable-hiding charging station? All you need is a box, knife and 5 minutes. Cut a hole in the box for the cord to pass through and hide the power strip inside the box.

Paper Towel Tubes

Store the extension cords in leftover cardboard paper towel or toilet paper tubes. Simply write on each one what type of cable it contains - the labelled tubes will help you save space and time when looking for your cables and keep your workspace organised. And why not paint them your desired colour and make them look like a piece of art on your desk?

Other clever idea including toilet paper rolls is taping a few of them together and placing them in a box to have a multi-compartment storage box - perfect for chargers and cables!

Mount Your Gadgets to a Pegboard

You can mount all your peripherals and their cords to a piece of pegboard using wire or cable ties. It is a cheap and easy way to organise your office space and the result is definitely worth the effort. The wires will be out of your way, stuck on the pegboard and you will be happy enjoying your organised workspace.

It is always annoying to see wires everywhere, especially on your table and at the back of your desk. Buying a cable organiser or simply making one yourself will be a good solution for getting rid of those tangled cords at last.

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