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Four innovative ways to use Cable Flex Wrap

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Recently we sent a survey to our TripSafe customers asking them how they actually use the Velcro Cable Wrap (cable flex wrap) in their office environment.  We thought it would be an interesting idea to find out all the different uses they had come up with so that we could share this with other tidy office people like yourself.  Listed below are some of the most interesting and innovative ideas we heard about.


Create openings along the length for cables to be threaded out.  This keeps all the cables within the one wrap, making it even tidier yet and adds to the versatility of the product.

Creating openings along the velcro cable wrap


If the length of cables you are running is excessively long you can use more than one wrap .  These two wraps can be joined together with the velcro to minimise any separation and to keep this solution looking seamless.  In total this will give you up to 3 metres in length and of course if you require your cable wrap to be even longer you simply add another wrap to the other end to add another 1.5 metres on.  But, if this is now just a bit too long, simply cut this last cable wrap down to size to give you exactly what you need.

Making velcro cable wraps longer


If you have a whole bunch of cables that are too wide for one wrap then simply use two wraps.  As the lengths of these cable wraps join using velcro you can select the two cable wraps you are using, lay them out flat and then join them together along the length of velcro.  This gives you double the width.  Once you lay all your cables into the "double wrap" you can simply seal it up again using the remaining velcro seams.

Using two velcro cable wraps for extra width


At times you may want to run cables along the perimeter of a room. This quite often is for a temporary cable solution to keep a boardroom, media room or any other public area looking tidy and professional.  At this time it may be that the Velcro Cable Cover or PVC for Hardfloor Covers aren't the most suitable option.  Simply insert the cable into the cable wrap and position along the edge of the skirting board to the desired destination.  This method should only be used however if the cable is only being run around the perimeter.  The cable should not at all extend into the room as this can cause a trip hazard.  In a case like this you would use a Tripsafe carpet or hard floor cable cover so as to meet Health and Safety Standards.

Velcro Cable Wrap along perimeter of room

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