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Most Common Office Accidents and How to Avoid Them

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The office environment can be hazardous and there are many things to be aware of. The most common time an accident can occur are Monday mornings prior to the first coffee of the day and the annual day after the office Christmas Party that has left you tired and emotional, looking for your desk for a power nap to get you through the day. Whilst the majority of near misses and accidents can be avoided, there are some everyday challenges still lurking which you must still watch out for. We’ve listed some ideas on how to prevent and avoid these occurrences…

Papercuts. Although a sheet of paper looks harmless enough it can still cause injury when least expected. The most common area of injury are to the fingers which are also the most excruciating due to the number of nerve endings in your fingers compared with the rest of your body. It is however not uncommon for other areas to be attacked such as the webbing between your fingers and the eye area including the eye ball. A simple solution to avoiding paper cuts is to aim for an environmentally friendly paperless office.

Tie being shredded. Although it is pretty much impossible to wedge your fingers through a shredder there are other less obvious disasters which can occur such as items of loose clothing or long hair becoming stuck. The key lesson here is to ensure that your tie is flung over your shoulder or tucked in before leaning over the paper shredder. Once the tie is caught in the teeth of the shredder it may be difficult to remove without the assistance of co-workers.

Coffee in keyboard. By the end of an office workers career, countless litres of liquids will have spilled into numerous keyboards and whilst it is important to remain hydrated, it is always best to keep liquids and electronics separate. A simple solution to avoiding this scenario is to give yourself a 5 min break and use this time to review the ever circulating magazines and resources that land on your desk. Push your keyboard to the side or move to a different location and use this time to read. Alternatively, a drinking vessel with a lid is are more obvious solution. Keep in mind though, despite your intentions to drink 2 litres of water a day, don’t keep a jug at your desk. This has the potential to flood your entire keyboard as well as the rest of your desk right at the point where you are frantically preparing for a meeting. It is recommended to frequently make your way to a water cooler which will also increase your pedometer count.

Tripping over. There are a few variations when it comes to tripping.

1.Unexplained. This is when you appear to trip over nothing but yourself. Perhaps your shoes are gripping excessively to the carpet or you simply forgot to lift your foot up high enough when taking a step. Shoes with minimal tread make it easier to skate along the carpeted surface thereby minimising the need to walk.

2.Failure to notice obstacles.This usually occurs when reading documentation whilst walking and is not unlike such occasions as tripping and falling into a public water fountain whilst playing Pokemon.

3.Cable Tripping. Never a good way to welcome a new client to your presentation. It’s always a really good idea to ensure the cables in your boardroom are secured to the floor to ensure clients and staff stay upright during meetings. Using Tripsafe cable covers for carpet will prevent a trip hazard and keep your office environment looking presentable. These products can be reused over and over again without damaging the carpet or wearing out. No matter what length required, they can be cut down to size. The office kitchen can even remain safe with the Tripsafe hard floor covers option made from Rubber/PVC.

Tripsafe Cable Covers. Image by safetyrisk.net

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