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The cost of ignoring the risk of Slips, Trips and Falls

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Are you frustrated about wires laying around in your office? Does it look messy and unprofessional? And are you sure your office is safe?

Trip hazards are common at workplaces when cords are laying around, creating a risk of falling. Employees working at an office expect their working environment to be clean and safe and ergonomically adjusted. With increased technology and digital equipment, more cables than ever are laying around creating a risk of injury.

The primary reason why slips and accidents in an office environment are dangerous is due to sharp edges and awkward surfaces often existing in an office. The danger further increases if employees are obliged to work in smaller areas such as small office cubicles.


Overloaded socket outlets can cause heat to build up an ultimately lead to a fire. If extensions and outlets are blocked, there is a high risk for a fire to occur. Cables are electrical after all, and it is crucial to handle these mindfully.

Cables and wires, as mentioned, create tripping hazards and can disrupt the efficiency at a workplace when they are in the way of other tasks at the office. Fortunately, the majority of accidents concerning cables in the office are not severe, although some may require longer recovery and lengthy absence.

Apart from injuries that may occur when cables are laying around, a consequence may be an unsafe environment for employees where a workplace is required to apply to health and safety legislation.

Above should be considered in the home environment as well. Cables and wires create a risk for an accident, especially if kids and elders are around.


Ignoring the risk of the trips, and falls is not an option since the consequences are severe. Educate yourself on cable management to prevent danger for yourself and colleagues at the office. Tripping accidents are easy to avoid, and there is a lot of affordable cable management to invest in to create a safer work environment.

The first thing to consider is the area where the danger could occur and identify where cables can be relocated to avoid accidents. Implementing cable units to tidy up the different cables can eliminate the threat of a fire breaking out.

One way to do this is by using cable covers such as TRIPSAFE™ PVC CABLE COVER to prevent excessive heat from building up as well as avoiding trip hazards. Up to five cables can be fitted inside to provide a safe working environment.



A cost friendly solution is the TRIPSAFE™ CABLE COVER FOR CARPET which suits an office environment and eliminates the risk of tripping immensely. It can be cut and adjusted to the personal need and covers up to five cables or wires close to the floor.

Cables at home and in the office is a severe matter and can cause injuries if laying around unorganised. Managing cords and wires can be easy and affordable with cable covers from TripSafe. Read more about this and view our products here.

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Whether you are looking at reducing the risk of tripping from loose cables in the office or want to organise untidy electrical cords in your home study, TripSafeTM provide an effective and yet affordable cable management solution.

Using the TripSafe safety cable holders, you can easily secure loose and untidy cables to carpeted floors. Thanks to their low profile, TripSafe will minimise trip hazards and keep your home or office tidy.