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Top Five Causes of Workplace Accidents

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We spend almost more time at our workplace than at home, and the office can sometimes be a risk for accidents and injuries. The more time you spend at work, the more you are likely to succumb a job-related injury or emergency.

We have collected five leading causes of work-related accidents and what consequences they might have, and what can be done to prevent them.

1. Overexertion

Lifting, pulling and carrying are all tasks prone to overextension. In all jobs, physically demanding as seated office ones, employees are advised to take regular breaks and recharge before heading back to work. The reason overexertion is the number one cause of work-related injuries is due to the risk of fatigue and strain it creates.

We avoid overexertion related injuries by taking breaks at reasonable times and making sure we take time to rest if we are ever feeling overwhelmed. Keep a first aid kit accessible to reduce instant pain if an accident would ever occur.

2. Lack of Ergonomy

Back pain is the leading cause of work loss days in Australia and is estimated to account for a third of all work-related injuries in the world. Lower back injuries are mainly due to a lack of ergonomic training and inadequate equipment.

People taking days off from work costs Australia a lot of money and a study made 2014 showed that around $4.8 billion went to health care each year.

The best approach to avoid back injuries is to implement ergonomic training to encourage a good posture and mindful lifting.

3. Trip Hazards

One of the leading causes of workplace injuries is clutter and messy surfaces that create a risk for trips and falls. With cables, cords and other objects lying around, employees are at risk of tripping over these. Often the consequences of these accidents are mild, but there have been cases of severe injuries from office falls.

Begin by removing unnecessary obstacles that create a hindrance when moving around the office. For the cords and cables that are not removable, consider investing in cable covers to bundle the wires together.

The cable covers come in different material and colours and work on the carpet as well as wooden floor. Have a look at our range here.

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4. Repetition

If you find yourself seated in front of the computer several hours straight, you might want to begin taking regular breaks and moving around. Increased technology has an impact on our eyes as well as bodily pains. Repetitive motions are putting pressure on our bodies and can lead to severe injuries requiring medical treatment.

A good idea to avoid these injuries is to implement ergonomic training and taking regular breaks to let muscles and eyes rest.

5. Mental Illness

Not to be overlooked, mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression can appear from over-exhaustion at the workplace. It is not outwardly visible, but it is estimated that around 45% of Australians in working age will suffer from a mental illness at least once in their lives.

To prevent work-related stress and worry, it is crucial that the workplace environment is as safe and healthy as possible. Take time to consider if you feel safe and well at your current job. What can be done to change it, and how do we prevent accidents and injuries from happening?

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