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Declutter Your Home In 10 Easy Steps

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Living more minimalistic has become an attractive path to follow with promises of a life that contains less stress, less organising, less debt and ultimately, fewer possessions.

Minimalism sure has a beautiful ring to it, but the journey begins with decluttering. The process of decluttering might seem overwhelming, where to start in a house full of everything?

The team at Tripsafe are happy to share some of our favourite steps to follow in order to reach a clutter-free home and a minimalist lifestyle.

1. Breath

Before continuing to read this post, take a deep breath. Drop your shoulders and have a look at your surroundings. The time you spend being anxious about where to start is a fantastic opportunity to let the inspiration kick in and create a vision for your future home.

2. An item a day

In the initial overwhelming stage of the decluttering process, begin with deciding for one piece a day to give away to someone. It is a beautiful way of getting rid of things you do not need and show appreciation for people around you. What you consider clutter might create value for someone else.

3. Easy first

Begin with the area in your home that distracts you the most and that you have been wanting to clear out for a long time. Once you can get started, the process will go much smoother.

4. Make a list

The next step in the decluttering is to write a list of the process and how you are going to go about it. Putting the steps down on paper will give you another perspective and might make everything seem much more manageable.

5. Tiny goals

Set yourself deadlines and smaller goals to avoid getting stuck in the decluttering process. For example, give yourself one week for the little space under the stairs which is full of items that never really had a place anywhere around the house. If you have a specific time limit, it is much easier to finish what you started. And even more so, if you give yourself a little reward after finishing each goal (a non-materialistic reward of course).

6. Categorise

Gather boxes and dedicate the living room table to categorise where the objects belong. Decluttering does not have to be about dumping everything in the bin. Donations are a great way of giving your stuff a purpose or even selling things what still has a value to them.

7. Organise

Some things are challenging to get rid of, no matter how much we want to. An example of this is cables that connect to devices that you wish to remain in your home. A Tripsafe PVC Cable Cover on hard floors or the Tripsafe Cable Cover for carpets quickly cover bundles of chords. These are easy and inexpensive solutions to make your living space cleaner and safer.

TRIPSAFE™ PVC cable for hard floors


TRIPSAFE™ cable cover for carpet


8. Ask for help

Decluttering your home can be fun if you let it. Invite some friends over and make the clearing out more enjoyable.

9. Just do it

At one point(at least) in the decluttering process, you will find yourself contemplating whether you should get rid of all of these things that you have collected during the years. The answer is yes, at this point all it takes is a little bit of discipline. Listen to Nike and "Just do it".

10. Keep the beautiful things

When you are getting to the end of clearing out your possessions the house might feel a little bit empty. Here is the stage when you are allowed to view your remaining things and pick out what you find most beautiful and want to keep in your home. You now have a clean slate to build your dream house around and pick out your favourite pieces. Enjoy.

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